Wholesale FAQ's

What are Loaded Teas?

Loaded teas are made using four main ingredients: black tea, a caffeine supplement, vitamin base and flavors. All come in a powder form. They are called loaded teas because they are loaded with brain boosting vitamins, minerals and 200mg of caffeine.

Can the caffeine level be adjusted?

Yes. Caffeine levels can be reduced all the way down to 25mg without changing the taste of the drink or increased to any amount you are comfortable with selling to the public. A standard cup of coffee is usually around 65mg.

What are Loaded Teas sweetened with?

Only two of the four ingredients have sweeteners. Our vitamin base is sweetened with a very small amount of sucralose and our flavor enhancers are sweetened with sucralose as well. We do not use any products that contain aspartame. Stevia sweetened flavor enhancers are also available to our wholesale customers.

Are Loaded Teas safe for everyone to drink?

Loaded teas are very similar to most energy drinks on the market and are not recommended for pregnant women or anyone who has a sensitivity to caffeine. Please always consult with your doctor if you are unsure.

Can you help me convert my tea shop from Herbalife?

Yes, we can! When we opened years ago, we started with Herbalife products. However, after only 4 short months of not having control of our business we made the switch and never looked back. Many of our customers prefer our new teas over the old ones.

Is training mandatory?

Training is not mandatory but highly recommended to business owners who do not have any experience making loaded teas. You will be offering a relatively new product to customers and have a duty to educate them on what they are consuming. To do that effectively, you must first educate yourself. You will be much more successful with the proper training. However, we understand that some owners have a vast knowledge of loaded teas already. This is why training is not mandatory. If you decide to not enroll in our training packages, we will send a simple instruction sheet with your first order on how to make the teas.

Do we offer shake protein and collagen?

We do not offer any protein products or collagen. However, we have assisted many wholesale customers with locating excellent replacements for these products that are more cost effective, equal or better in quality and are easily accessible.