Wholesale Loaded Tea Products

wholesale loaded tea

Benefits of using Beaucoup Blends loaded teas in your business:

  • Full control over your business and business decisions
  • No rules, no restrictions, no documenting, no pushy "higher ups", no royalties
  • Ability to tap into multiple streams of revenue or add-on to an existing business
  • Extremely competitive product pricing with drive-thru facilities ENCOURAGED
  • Affordable start-up costs
  • Complete control of marketing and re-branding
  • Market protection on our wholesale accounts
  • Recipes, start-up guide and training available

If you're looking for more flexibility at your tea shop, you're in luck. Beaucoup Blends offers wholesale loaded tea ingredients for tea shops looking to make the switch, nationwide. We have two different size options offered on our wholesale products. Allowing you to dip your toe into the water (and soften the blow on your pocketbook) before taking the full plunge on switching. We challenge you to compare our loaded tea ingredients to your existing supplier. You may be quite surprised!

Maybe you have a different type of business and want to offer loaded teas as a new product for your customers. Loaded teas are the hottest trend right now and cashing in on these caffeine filled drinks are a no-brainer! We know this may not seem like a small task, at first, but our skilled team can make this process as seamless as possible for business owners! Not only do we offer all of the ingredients needed to create these beauties but we also offer email consultations, full step by step guides, equipment lists and even in-person training. 

Worried about market saturation? Got it covered! We have a market protection clause for every wholesale customer! This means no other business can offer our loaded teas within a 10 mile radius of you. Every wholesale account is screened and approved in house by our team. What a HUGE plus! Corner the market or make the switch today! Email us for more information or apply for your wholesale account today.